China: Traditions and Change


Atlanta artist Steve Steinman captures juxtaposition between old and new Chinese culture. 


What is everyday life like in China today? From Shanghai to Beijing, as well as Tibet, well-known Atlanta photographer and sculpture Steve Steinman chronicles the culture and beauty of this exotic and often controversial Asian land in his exhibition, “China: Tradition and Change.


The Chinese and Tibetans view the environment as an interrelated balance where humans and nature coexist. Overconsumption of resources is discouraged, and the taking of life is forbidden by Buddhist practice. However, as traditional people meet the modern world, checkerboard patterns are carved into forested mountain slopes, pollution runs freely in once pristine waters, erosion lays grasslands bare, and wildlife is stripped from the land. While Chinese annexation may lead the list of blame, globalization, modernization, and necessity are likewise responsible. These images explore the changing Chinese and Tibetan Landscape and the fragile relationship shared between culture and environment.


“My photographs are an observation on these changes, which have affected the social and natutral landscape in China.” The images are comprised of a mix of landscapes, portrait and street photography. These images examine the fragile co-existence of an anchient and modern culture that has experienced accecelorated  change.

China: Trdition and Change