Steve Steinman Digital Photography


My digital images have their own vocabulary, conveys ideas, and aspires to be innovative, and personal. As opposed to a literal interpretation, my photographs are created in accordance with my knowledge and vision of photography as fine art.  The images reflect the odd attraction on the side of a highway to street performers; from public art to the delicate beauty found in architecture. The work captures evolving lifestyles present in the unnoticed and overlooked people, places and things that are a part of daily lives.






Did You See That?!: Stories of Urban Oddities 



A break dancer captured in a gravity-defying moment on the sidewalks of Tijuana, Mexico. Bubble gum, not spray paint, creating a collage of bright graffiti in Boulder, Colorado. A man painted red with devil horns ambling down Rampart Street in New Orleans.


These were the photos in the exhibition among those in Did You See That?! Stories of Urban Oddities. This exhibition represented a freewheeling exploration of fringe culture that is hiding in plain sight. The images capture the quirky details that provide a deeper insight into a community’s multifaceted identity.



Seattle, for example, is considered the epicenter of American coffee culture. Yet Steinman chose to depict a factory worker in bright blue gloves tending a vat of yellow curds in a cheese processing plant. Instead of the typical postcard view of the city’s popular Pike Place Market, Steinman chooses to shoot the entrance to the public restrooms there, which are framed by male and female silhouettes in tile. Between them is a portal that leads into the, inner, bowels of the facility. The overall effect is eerie and stereoscopic. These images represent the world according to Steve Steinman.




The Street Around the Corner


In the series Street around the Corner, I capture everyday images of the urban landscapes and the street activity which accompanies them. The images focus on perspectives and paradoxs . The series provides a window into an alternative culture which features subjects in candid situations, public places, and other settings. These images present a reflection of society. The images often tend to be ironic and can be distanced from their subject matter. They are meant to concentrate on the interactions of people and their surroundings caught at a decisive or poignant moment.