Endless Journey


Steve Steinman’s intricately textured wall sculptures line the Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority’s (MARTA) Buckhead rail station and platform. Endless Journey is viewed by millions of travelers each year. The sculpture was originally created for the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. This massive site work is comprised of six basic relief patterns. They are twisted and turned and placed together into groups that are repeated throughout the station. As you travel through the station you are taken on an aesthetic journey. When you enter the station and throughout each level there are one hundred and eighty cement panels measuring eighteen by eighteen inches. When you reach the platform you will see one hundred and ninety painted cement relief panels each measuring four feet by four feet.


Endless Journeyis both a visual and emotional pilgrimage to your destination. The vivid sculptural wall reliefs are painted in yellow, red, and blue. Each panel uses a combination of curvilinear shapes and hard-edged geometric forms. By merging the art with architecture, the sculpture transmits a strong experience to viewers. The experience creates a sense of whimsy, as well as a sense of motion. The colors bring a warm human feeling to travelers. The sculpture encompasses the length of two football fields and is presently the largest art installation in any Atlanta Marta station. After five years of intense mental and physical creativity, what seemed like an endless journey to complete actually began a new adventure for Atlanta commuters.



Monument to Slain Police Officers


In the summer of 1979 until the spring of 1981 a series of murders committed in Atlanta, Georgia rocked the nation. The Atlanta Child Murders, known as the "missing and murdered children cases”, took the lives of twenty-eight African American children. During this time the morale of the city and especially the Atlanta Police Department was low. To help bolster the pride of the city, the Atlanta Bar Association commissioned me to create a monument to Slain Police Officers. The monument located in Woodruff Park promotes an appreciation of officers lost in the line of duty and pride for their sacrifice. The highlight of the sculpture is a life-casting of a child's hand holding the hand of a police officer. After an intense two year period the crime was solved. Atlanta resident Wayne Williams also African American and twenty-three years old, was arrested and convicted of two of the murders.