Lyrical Landscapes


Landscape is not always a natural event but the dynamism of visual forces. The series Lyrical Landscapes represents the exploration in the study of how traditional landscape can transition into abstract landscape elements. This series is a playful dialogue about the visual paradoxes of landscape. It creates a Crique de Landscape. The work attempts to connect the seemingly unconnected by introducing the juxtapositions of natural forms and textures. This is highlighted by man-made faux finishes and color relationships that are not actually found in nature. These sculptures, like a landscape, are a state of consciousness varying with viewers. Having drawn and photographed landscape for many years, I found creating these sculptures was a great learning experience in terms of organizing visual elements and materials in the landscape of our contemporary society.

Georgia Landscapes


I believe art has a function to make us appreciate and enjoy natural objects for their majestic value. One is often overwhelmed viewing the height of a mountain, the huge waves of the sea, the long courses of rivers, the vast compass of the ocean, and the natural shapes of the terrain. The forests and farmlands in my home state of Georgia provide us with an astonishing variety of natural fascination. This series lets us look at nature from different perspective's. The work asks to be seen with a bird’s eye view. We see the world more fantastic than any dream imaginable.


The Georgia Landscape series was created to change our perceptions of the everyday landscape we tend to take for granted. To achieve this vision, I flew in a small airplane over farm land and forest. Aerial perspective allows us to rethink the essence of traditional images of the landscape that have become familiar. After photographing these areas, I returned to the studio and began to abstract the natural shapes into artistic compositions. The photographs were translated to drawings and paintings. Then images were translated into relief sculpture to enhance the illusion of space.