Trash: the Art of Recycle

     This work make a statement on the negative impact resulting from man’s pursuit of manufacturing for mass consumerism, which continues to threaten the planet. Drawing on individual shapes from all manner of metal junkyard scraps, each piece provides a metaphor on the need for recycling and reuse to reduce pollution.


     Straddling a tension between finished and unfinished, each “Trash” sculpture conveys  an energy that pulses through the bent and crusted metal scraps. “The sculpture is energetic, emerging out of twisted chaos into three dimensional drawings in space. Each conveys a feeling of its past life, with the metal joining together into visual excitement. This energy is felt by each object's position relative to another, often in large unified circles to illuminate the transition from junk to beauty while examining society’s demise into a disposable culture based on wastefulness and urban sprawl.