Urban Landscape

     I am fascinated with the dynamics of the built environment. As sculptor architecture excites me when I look to see how it is shaped, how it is supposed to work, and how the individual structures unit to become a whole. My images try to look at the components that comprise the urban landscape by simplifying and detaching its elements from context.


     There is a wonderful visual illiteracy about the urban scene. I see it as a complex spider web of inspiring edifices, crowds and events. The urban experience can be harsh, dispiriting, threatening as well as magical in a non-traditional sense of beauty. Each image is about that a place, whether intended or not, because it conveys local-specific information. Its identity and history are known by the people who live and work there. However, my aim is to show the space from a totally different viewpoint than as it is viewed every day. The changing perceptions of place and space are at the heart of my imagery.